I've been busy on a project and her name is Mo. She was born April 10th and we've been in heaven ever since. I'm taking some time off to get to know her and also to pursue some other creative passions. I'm not hanging up my prop styling hat at all, things will just be a little quiet for the next couple of months. XO.

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breakfast for dinner


If it's spring-time where you live and you are looking for an easy delicious dinner or breakfast (or both) try this recipe. I just put it on a bed of arugula and fried up some bread soldiers. 


behind the scenes


A little peak at some prop prep from a Vogue Bambini advertorial that comes out this month. Shot by the unstoppable Anna Palma. These are some of my favorite sets to design and execute. Pics from the shoot will be up in the published section soon are up in the fashion section. These photos by my right hand woman, Chaunte.


someday . . . .


You might find yourself needing to make a giant cake covered in glitter.

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I'm dyeing over here


This week's shoot requires some hand-dyed backgrounds. I was running out of time and hoping to commission someone to make them, but when that fell through I realized that I *get* to do it. I'm actually very excited about this, just wishing I had a little more time and space to experiment.

My sis-in-law Alpha recommended I stop by Aljo in Tribeca. Wow. Classic NYC. The office is a beautiful mess- equal parts mad-scientist lab complete with beekers and equal parts meticulously catalogued color library. Hundreds of dyes are tested on every type of fabric,  but also random objects like tongue depresser sticks, coffee filters, you name it. The woman helping me was ridiculously knowledgable and helpful. I left with 10 one ounce packets of different shades of blue, a recommendation to buy a huge non-reactive stock pot, and confidence that these are going to turn out beautiful.

If they turn out well I'll post pictures soon. If they don't, lets forget this ever happened.




Just some pics from fall adventures over the last couple of weeks. We had an upstate day trip to Storm King and apple picking where my girl Stella Lou found a pink pumpkin. Her fall squash palette is pretty sophisticated, no? 

I am inadvertently raising a little stylist. Maybe it's only natural to see what your parents do and think that is the norm. She is quite the collector (aka hoarder)...any trip outside involves me carrying her handfuls of treasures (aka sticks) and beeeautiful rocks (aka gravel). 

Happy Halloween!

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Make it


My husband Seth and I shot a very creative and inspiring individual for the current issue of Anthology Magazine. Lance lives near downtown Philadelphia and has worked for Anthropologie for over ten years, flying around the country to open stores. You can see some of his amazing style on my INTERIORS page- including the pin-up tattoos on his calves.

When Lance told me that the materials budget for most Anthropologie windows is $100 (one hundred dollars!!!!) I was blown away. It really changed my perspective and approach to this job. Instead of griping over low budgets I realized that limited funds could instead force me to be more resourceful and creative. 

This week I'm working on a job that required many backdrops for table top photography. Finding and renting these backgrounds would have been possible, but the colors for surfaces like this are very limited and the rental is pretty pricey. Instead Chaunte and I decided to try our hands at creating our own plaster surfaces.

For a few hundred dollars we purchased 4x8 sheets of three quarter inch luan plywood cut down to three foot squares from Prince Lumber, a large spackling knife, paint, and three buckets of plaster of paris. The process is easy and forgiving, often the more layers you add the richer the texture and depth of color. It also really helps when you have one of the most talented and inspired photography teams taking the photos. Seems like anything Gentl + Hyers point the camera at looks beautiful and interesting. 

We also created some canvases using old washed linen painters drop clothes from home depot with our chosen colors loosely brushed on top. It always feels good to get your hands (and in my case, clothes) a little dirty! 

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TWENTY EIGHth street


The jobs that take you to the flower market early in the morning on 28th street are the best ones. Right now I'm grabbing peachy dahlias that are too beautiful to be real. I have Fabian at G.Page pack them in a bucket of water- if he wrapped them in paper all I'd have by the time I get to studio is an armful of petals. I can only get them to last a day, but what a great day that is. Also, there are peonies! Who knew. The sunset ones turn ombre- pale, pale pink at the top and watermelon pink near the stem. Flown in from Chile where they were enjoying the southern hemisphere spring. 




Hi there. Thank you for visiting my website. OUT + ABOUT is where I'd like to share things, places, and people that inspire me throughout the day. I hope you enjoy it. 

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